Sunday, January 10, 2010

So French

We had a very very busy few days here so we feel some updates are in order. We feel everything that's happened recently is best described by saying 'that is SO french' . Therefore we felt it was more than an appropriate entry title.

We have finished our first seminar and a have some great stories to share. Our prof did not disappoint on the second and third day. He wore another pair of Tweety socks on Friday and socks that said 'BINGO!' on Saturday. We presented our powerpoint on Sikorsky to the class. Sue told the class about their inclusive hiring mentality, employing veterans, the disabled and women. Our teacher seemed to find the hiring of women particularly hilarious since he started laughing and shaking his head at her during the presentation. Another group's presentation was apparently "boring", and could have used more colours and pictures according to him as well so we think we might have done okay.

Our exam was actually very challenging. We were allowed to use our computers however the hour time we were meant to be given was shortened to half an hour for no explained reason. Everyone struggled to finish in time and understand what the questions were asking. Google was not an aid, the term "freak truck" is not recognized as a valid negotiation tactic.

The Vending Machine
After a way too long morning, a few of us needed some food. Of course on a Saturday the school is a complete mess, with no one cleaning up after Friday afternoon. This also meant there was no cafeteria staff there. The vending machines were the only option. We all stared into the machine for a couple of minutes deciding what to get. It took us all about the same amount of time to realize that the 4th row was not pushed back in once someone refilled it. There was also 4 chocolate bars that had piled up on top of the row. 4 different people had bought something and watched it get trapped on top of the open row. Once we had all clued in, the french student who was with us said 'oh no' in the frenchest way ever. We maybe all peed ourselves. It also became clear that all of those same chocolate bars that were trapped on the open row were available below in the 5th and 6th row. It was the most unfortunate situation.

Saturday night the boys had some of the exchange and local students over. We had heard that they had a nice place but were not prepared to be totally offended at the luxury they were living in. The huge bedrooms with king size beds and bedding, high ceilings with antique moldings, interior decorating with mosaic tiled countertops and tables, bedroom with private balcony and fireplace, full appliances including a baguette sized toaster made us feel like complete garbage. It seems that it was our mistake to get a place in advance. The boys didn't know eachother before getting here, had no place set up, n o idea of what they were doing...we feel like we've been punished for being responsible, prepared students. We're both still not over it and may never go there again because of how terrible we STILL feel..

We could not withstand our jealously much longer and friended some french students. We followed them over to a local house party and immediately felt dramatically better about our living situation. It was a typical party house + some extra dirtiness. Smoking indoors is not a usual habit in Canada. People were not only smoking inside, they were putting the cigarette
s on the floor. The peed off the balcony, pooed on the carpeted floor and probably never cleaned anything up after.
Enjoy the photos. Not sure still if that's his actual hair.

Laure, the french student who lived in this apartment before us drove us out to Cannes for a shopping trip. It was finally sunny so it made the town all the more pretty. Sue was SO excited about the leather coat she found for a steal of price at Zara. We felt it represented her perfectly, and she immediately ripped off the tags and put it on after buying. Once getting home and taking it off, she noticed an abundance of her hair stuck in the studs on the back the jacket. Needless to say we needed some mourning time to consider how she could possibly wear it again. Laure is coming to Vancouver to work at the beginning of March. She speaks english very well and is a so friendly and welcoming. If anyone knows of any accommodations or companies who are looking to hire an intern, please let us know!

Find of the D
We showed you earlier the gem of shirt found in the Nice mall, we will continually add to this category throughout our stay here.

Fur covered vodka, warms you up on a cold day

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